Today I am very excited to bring you REIGHNBEAU's album Blood. An exploration into REIGHNBEAU's evocative soundscape, Blood is a electronic opus that intertwines glitchy samples with lush tones in beautiful harmony. 


Stereogum calls the record "a wonderfully discordant brand of R&B-leaning electro with off-time-on-purpose rhythms that are hard to grasp like water in the palm of your hand. But that elusiveness makes their tracks impossible to sit still to or disengage."


Featuring singles "Idealove," "Equinox," "Highways," "Ghost" and five previously unreleased tracks, Blood is out now, so feel free to post. Let me know if you would like to do a review!


The Music Ninja calls "Idealove" "a delightfully weird escapade, giving way to thoughts of intricate dreamscapes where dark and light mix in beautiful consonance." 


Impose Magazine calls "Equinox" "glitchy and expansive" and "focuses on the glowing horizon ahead."


My Old Kentucky Blog loves REIGHNBEAU's video for "Highways" and says it has a "Paris, Texas cinematic feel" that conveys "finding hope through isolation and self-reflection through a journey."


BlahBlahBlah Science praises previous single "Ghost," saying it "Fits a whirl of kaleidoscope electronics and shards of vocal clips against a soft touch set of layered rhythms."


XLR8R loves REIGHNBEAU, and The 405 says their sound is "wholly arresting," writing, "within [their] compositions lurks a grandiose hope which pierces through the luscious darkness."


What do you think of Blood? Are able to do a review?





(Photo Credit: David Polka)


Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, REIGHNBEAU is the work of visual and sound artist Bryce Hample. Frequent collaborators include Colleen Johnson (Twig Palace) and Madeline Johnston (Sister Grotto). "Idealove" features Johnson and Nicole Brenny. 


REIGHNBEAU concocts hypnotic tracks that shift and sift like sand between fingers - sinking through with an odd satisfaction and surreal beauty as you interact with thousands of grains of ancient earth and animals, ground into silt after billions of years.